Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally Getting Organized!

This morning, I spent about 2 hours organizing various grains that I've had sitting in bags in my pantry. As you can see from this shot, I still need a few more containers, but for the most part, they are now labeled and marked if they are "gluten free" or not. (We do not follow a GF diet, but it's good to know). I was about to type up cooking directions to add to the back of each container, so that anyone in the family could easily cook them up if they wanted to (ummm....well a person can dream, can't they?) when my husband walked in and said, "Hey, that looks great! Oh, but are they BPA Free?" uhhhh, I don't know! I looked them up. They are OXO brand, but I bought them at Target. Now, OXO Pop Tops sold everywhere else apparently have round buttons on the top and are made with a thicker plastic than the ones that Target sells, which are  #7 plastic, and a square button top. Usually, #7 contains BPA, but not always. Unfortunately, I already threw away all of the labeling. So, I guess a trip to Target is in my future today to confirm whether or not they are BPA free. It really bugs me that I have to do this. Usually I pay attention to the BPA thing, but I was so excited to find containers that stack and seal well, I just didn't think about it. Honestly, I am not sure if it's even an issue, since everything being stored is a solid. Can BPA leak into non liquid materials? I could not find an answer to this question online this morning, although I only spent about 20 minutes looking.

Am I too anal about this stuff? Maybe. But we are inadvertently exposed to so many things that negatively impact our health, that I feel an obligation to have as much knowledge as possible about products that I use, so that at the very least I can make an informed choice.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! :) Containers look great...that's my next project to tackle.

  2. BTW, for any one that was interested, I went and checked, and the OXO products I bought were BPA free! Thank goodness, bcause I did not want to redo everything!